Aging: What it Means to Me


September 28, 2023    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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Sometimes we have thoughts we believe to be exclusive to ourselves and not shared by others. And, sometimes, experiencing our own aging can feel so overwhelming that we don’t talk about it, causing us to feel cut off and alone. With this in mind, Elayne Gersten and Judy Rosemarin will be offering “Aging: What it Means to be Me”, a new six-session, bi-monthly Zoom conversation group for interested members of EHSLI. This group is not designed to be a therapy group, nor a “moan and groan” group. Nor is it an instructional group. Its sole purpose is to offer a confidential community space for expressing, reflecting and supporting each other; it is for people wishing to explore what the inevitable processes of aging means to them. At each meeting we will focus on several topics of aging which will be generated from group members. Some possible topics may include acknowledging, adjusting, accepting and acclimating to changes in our health, finances, relationships, life’s meaning and purpose, satisfiers and gratifiers, challenges and opportunities, managing new feelings, emotional balancing, facing uncertainty, shifting roles, shifting priorities.

*Registration is limited to 12 participants and is open to everyone, regardless of age.

You may register at the office at ( After you register, you will receive your Zoom link to all six sessions.