Ben Bortin: Eleanor Roosevelt and Human Rights

Eleanor Roosevelt and the Struggle for Human Rights

We will examine Eleanor Roosevelt’s role in passing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in 1948, as well as the state of human rights in the world today.  Pat Spencer and Andrea Starr will be in the back of the room at a table, offering people the opportunity to write letters on behalf of detained human rights victim, a part of Amnesty International’s “Write for Rights” project, on the anniversary (roughly) of the Declaration.

Ben Bortin is a Unitarian Universalist minister, who has served congregations in Duluth, MN, and Staten Island, NY.  He was the Membership Coordinator at the UU Congregation at Shelter Rock.  Currently, he serves the North Fork UU Fellowship in Jamesport, NY, and is a chaplain at Queens Medical.  He has been President of the UU United Nations Office, and has served on the Board of Project Hospitality, which serves homeless and otherwise limited income people in Staten Island.  He is happily a member of EHSLI.

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Please join by 11, the meeting will be closed at 11:10

Immediately following the Platform, join us at 38 Old Country Road for an Amnesty International letter-writing campaign.