Bob Keeler: America’s Best Idea and America’s Worst Idea-Hybrid Meeting

We will examine why the Electoral College, the worst idea, endangers the national parks, the best idea, and other American goals, such as equality before the law. The Electoral College has already cost hundreds of thousands of lives in Iraq and elevated to the presidency an autocrat and would-be dictator.

Robert F. Keeler is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist with a career spanning over five decades. He began his journey in 1965 at the New York Herald Tribune and after serving in the U.S. Army, he joined Newsday in 1971. His early work at Newsday won the 1972 distinguished community service award of the New York State Publishers Association.

Keeler covered a range of topics from Suffolk County government to the state’s prison system. His political coverage spans from town board and county legislature races to gubernatorial races and U.S. Senate campaigns. He served as Albany bureau chief, a national correspondent, and later as the state editor. He also authored a book about the history of Newsday.

Post-publication of the Newsday book, Keeler embarked on long-term projects, including an award-winning examination of the State University of New York. In 1993, he began covering the religion beat, reporting on significant events such as papal visits and the first-ever Holocaust memorial concert at the Vatican. His series on daily life in a Catholic parish won a Pulitzer Prize for beat reporting in 1996 and later became the basis for a 1997 book, Parish!

In 2000, Keeler covered Pope John Paul II’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land for Newsday and co-authored a book on the pilgrimage. After retiring from Newsday in 2012, he worked as a consultant for the Hagedorn Foundation, focusing on immigration, voting rights, and pre-K education. He continues to write op-eds for Newsday and authored a book on attitudes towards the military, Sacred Soldier: The Dangers of Worshiping Warriors.

Keeler resides in Stony Brook, New York with his wife, Judith Ann Dempsey Keeler, a retired English Language Arts teacher. They have two daughters, two granddaughters, and three grandsons.

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