Colleen Eren: Criminal Justice Reform and Narratives of the Heart on the Left and Right

The First Step Act was among the very few pieces of federal criminal justice reform since the 1970s to move toward reversing the incarceration frenzy that has characterized U.S. policy. While it did not amount to revolutionary reform, it passed in the administration of former President Donald Trump, against all likelihood given massive political polarization. In this talk Colleen Eren will draw from her latest book: Reform Nation: The First Step Act and the Movement to End Mass Incarceration to speak about how ‘unlikely bedfellow’ coalitions between right and left advocacy groups, individuals, philanthropists, and politicians, to pass the bill. She highlights the importance of heart–the deeply felt stories of the right and left that compelled action on the issue, and direct connection to individuals affected by incarceration. She also highlights the divisions that threatened to tear the coalition apart. During a time of rising opposition to criminal justice reform, her talk will allow us to think about ways to use differences in stories that affect emotions to unite for forward-thinking change, rather than to divide

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