Elke Bluth: What Would You Do? An ethical dilema

Elke Bluth: What Would You Do?

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About Elke Bluth:

Immigrated in  1961, Married an American GI, 4 children, 10 ys with 4 babies 

Graduated from Farmingdale Nursing program while working part-time as a nurse’s aide

Worked in Psychiatric hospital first than moved to critical care nursing

CCRN, Certification in Critical Care, involving a grueling 5hr test and 100 contact hours of Critical Care Seminars every 3 ys. (This was more difficult than any of my other studies)

BSN from Stony Brook later in life (Summa Cum Laude)

Co-authored article in RN Magazine on the emotional effects of  ICU hospitalization

Designed and authored comprehensive course and manual entitled : Basic Cardiac Arrhythmias

Taught for NYS TANEF Program six weeks courses for cardiac monitor technicians, 

as well as Basic Life Support  and Advanced Life Support Courses courses

Mentor for new nurses

Special interests always classical music, literature and art and the best grandchildren!