Jim White: The 1619 Project is a Vitally Important Resource! Hybrid Meeting


January 28, 2024    
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


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The 1619 Project is a Vitally Important Resource!

For some months I have been part of a book group based in the Essex Society. We examine one or two chapters in this exciting work each month and try to apply the facts and analysis to our current struggles for justice and peace. We also do outreach to support all those in areas where this crucial dialogue is being repressed.

Jim White was born and raised on a farm in Virginia. He attended Harvard, earned a master’s at Teacher’s College in New York and spent five years teaching emotionally disturbed children in Manhattan and the Bronx before studying law at New York Law School. As a lawyer, Jim espoused social justice and civil liberties. He started a mental health practice in Manhattan that handles cases for psychiatric patients. In 1989, he was certified as an Ethical Leader, and he led the Ethical Culture Society of Essex County in New Jersey for eight years (now Leader Emeritus at the Society) before going to the Bronx Riverdale Society in 2010 as Leader, now retired. Currently, in addition to co-chairing the Congregations for Justice in Harlem, Jim is co-founder of Bronx Climate Justice North.

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