Mel Haber: A Man and his Music

Mel Haber: A Man and his Music

For those of you who have heard my music presentations through the years, you may have wondered why I have been such a devoted music lover for such a long time. Moreover, what motivates me to share my passion for music with others, instead of just listening to music all by myself? Additionally, why do I go as far as creating presentations–now numbering about 80– to offer to people in various organizations? I will be answering these questions, as well as explaining the criteria I use in choosing the music and the singers I do. To make this talk more interactive, I will be playing two versions of at least one song and one aria, and I’ll ask you which version you prefer and why. Then, I’ll explain which version I like and why. We may, or may not, agree.

Mel has been a teacher for almost his whole life. When he was young, he loved to share his many interests, including music, with family and friends. As he grew older, he continued to share his passion for music with others, but for career purposes, he decided to focus on his other love, teaching English. So he went to CCNY to get a Masters in English, and then to Boston University to earn a Doctorate in English Education. For almost a decade, he taught students at Penn State Harrisburg how to teach English in secondary school. When he didn’t get tenure in 1980, he started his own business teaching business writing workshops to employees in private industry and government agencies. After over 30 years, he retired in 2013 and began offering music programs to adults in libraries, colleges and other organizations. One such organization has been The Ethical Society of Long Island. Since joining the Society about 25 years ago, Mel has presented many popular music and opera programs to its members.

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