Oral History

Deed before creed is our motto. At the Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island it is the members and the countless activities that they undertake in the expression of our values – some large and some small—that make up who we are and what we stand for.

These podcasts capture part of the history of this society by having those who carried out the work speak about it in their own words. In so doing, they illustrate the many ways in which an organization becomes what it is. Just as significantly, these recordings show how the projects undertaken also added value to the lives of the volunteers.

Oral History
Sophie Meyers

Sophie Meyers – Memories of EHSLI
(Sophie Meyers, 102 is interviewed by her grandson, Mark Meyers).

Pat Spencer
Al Wegener
Alan Cohen
Arthur Dobrin
Lyn Dobrin
Enid Feldman
Mel Haber
Emily Lewis
Jim Lopresti
Linda Napoli
Muriel Neufeld
Ken Schwartzman
Ken Schwartzman
David Spritzen
Chris Stanley
Sharon Stanley
Harry Weiss

Harry Weiss – Former musician-in-residence