Social Action

At the Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island, we are committed to making the world a better place.

We have a long history of social action efforts – including civil and human rights, war protests, women’s equality, and environmental action. Some of our current efforts include helping needy children, supporting our members in times of need, and collaborating with a variety of community groups.

Amnesty International: Annual letter-writing campaign on behalf of political prisoners throughout the world.

Deed before creed

Community Solidarity:  Organize food drives and fill reusable shopping bags with donated items delivered to Community Solidarity’s local, vegan food share currently supplementing the needs of the people of Hempstead and other underserved communities on Long Island.

Environmental Stewardship:  Our Rain Garden, established in 2019, was created with native plants whose roots absorb water yet are drought tolerant. Water filtered through the plants produce cleaner water. Our Celebration Garden features native plants and utilizes environmentally-friendly growing methods to support pollinators and protect local wildlife.

Ethical Friends of Children: We assist more than 2,500 children and their families each year by providing them with clothing and infant furniture at no cost.

Moms Demand Action LI: Petitions and letters to local, state and national governments advocating for the desperate need for gun safety legislation.

New Hour Project Dignity: Donate tote bags filled with personal hygiene items and other necessities distributed to women returning to the community from incarceration. New Hour is dedicated to empowering justice impacted women.

NYS Equity Agenda: Visits, letters and petitions to members of the New York State Legislature regarding fair laws for all New York residents.

PACT/Police and Communities Talk: Community forum for free exchange with the aim of improving police-community relations.

Pedals for Progress:  Partnering with Returned Peace Corp Volunteers of Long Island, host collections and recycle serviceable bicycles and sewing to be used as economic development tools in developing countries.

Westbury Volunteer: Places volunteers to engage with local Westbury school students to inspire and enrich their lives.

Social Action Partnerships:
Hempstead Land Trust
Jobs With Justice
Public Banking Initiative