Freedom Under Siege

Freedom is under attack: preservation of representative democracy is not a republican or democratic issue: it’s an American issue.

An unprecedented attack on our system of representative government is now underway across the country. Increasingly, candidates that lose at the polls are refusing to concede their defeat and instead attack the integrity of the election. In order to defend our free institutions of representative government, non-partisan religious and community groups have organized a public forum to publicize these threats to our freedom, and to suggest ways in which a concerned citizenry can defend our system from attack.

Freedom Under Siege

Find out what we can do together.  Email Social Action Coordinator Sonia Arora for more information at:

If you missed the Freedom Under Siege Public Forum, you can watch it here:

Resources for Voting and Fair Elections
To download the Candidate’s Pledge Form, click here: Candidates Pledge

Read more about the attack on our system of representative government in this article by Bart Gellman from The Atlantic:

League of Women Voters

Specific Resource: information on how to register to vote and what’s on the ballot

The Lincoln Project
The Lincoln Project launched a new tool in the fight for democracy. The Union is a collaborative effort with other pro-democracy organizations that will allow for average Americans to volunteer their skill sets and areas of interest to unite in the battle against autocracy, nationalism, and extremism

Protect Democracy

Common Cause

National Popular Vote